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Xeerka Anshaxa

Code of Conduct for Members and Staff of the Commission

  1. Independence and neutrality of the members
    1. Members of the National Independent Electoral Commission and the staff of the Commission must perform their duties with fairness and neutrality, based on honesty without fear and hatred and impartiality that can affect:
      1. Any state institution;
      2. Political party;
      3. Election candidate;
      4. Any other authority or organizations.
  2. Independence from political or government office
    1. Members of the Commission and its staff have no right, during their term in office, to:
      1. Be appointed to political offices;
      2. Be appointed to other government office.
    2. Members of the Commission shall not:
      1. Directly or indirectly support or oppose any party or candidate in an election or issues related to political party, candidates or opposition;
      2. Use or profit from any information that they might obtain;
      3. Give out confidential information to a third party or person except information related to the performance of their duties.
  3. Any member of the Commission who is directly or indirectly interested in a contract to be given by the Commission, or a contract at a proposal stage, or any other matter that is part of the agenda before the Commission which has direct or indirect relations with his/her personal interest, shall not participate in the session in which the contract or the other matter before the Commission is deliberated, and shall not vote on the matter and shall not be counted part of the required quorum for the session in which the Commission takes a decision on the matter;
  4. Members of the Commission shall not engage in acts that may harm the independence of the Commission, announce or be part of an announcement /statement that may directly or indirectly endanger the transparency and neutrality of the Commission;
  5. Professional Work Ethics:
    1. Members of the Commission and its staff shall:
      1. Perform their duties in the best way that they can, and gain the trust of the public in the Commission;
      2. Treat the public and those that they consult with honor and respect;
      3. Perform their duties professionally in accordance with the regulations and the law;
      4. Respect the right to freedom of all citizens. 6. Abuse of Power
    2. Members of the Commission and its staff shall not:
      1. Misuse their powers to benefit themselves or others;
      2. Accept or ask for presents while performing their duties;
      3. Disclose information for personal benefit or the benefit of others.