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On the 26 0f January 2019, a delegation from the National Independent Electoral Commission led by it’s chair Halima Ismail Ibrahim met with the new Puntland State president Hon. Said Abdulahi Deni in the regional state capital of Garowe during his inauguration ceremony as the new state president.

Ms. Halima Ismail, who spoke at the occasion, congratulated Mr. Deni on his election victory. She was categorical of the support and the cohesive working relationship NIEC had with the past administration and stressed on the importance of the Commission and the new regional state administration working together to accomplish its mandate of conducting nationwide elections in 2020.

Ms. Halima indicated her commission’s accomplishments with the first regional electoral commission office being opened in Garowe, Puntland culminating in the South west state office opening in Baidoa. The National Independent Electoral Commission looks forward to opening offices in the remaining regional states.

The National Independent Electoral Commission is laying the ground for a one person one vote by 2020/21 and is keen to foster a close working relationship with the Federal Member States to ensure it accomplishes its mandate of conducting elections in the federal member states regions. The NIEC is also keen to ensure universal suffrage elections are conducted in an inclusive political process so the country can progress from the 4.5 political system.

Ms. Halima, in the end thanked the inauguration committee for inviting the NIEC to participate in President Deni’s inauguration and she promised the NIEC’s commitment of conducting a free and fair elections in 2020/21