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Five political parties offered transitory registration certificates

Five political parties offered transitory registration certificates

On the 11th of June 2018, in the premises of the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) has offered transitory registration certificates to 5 political parties, the names of these political parties are as follows:

▪️ Xisbiga Damiirka Soomaalinimada iyo Horumarka

▪️ Xisbiga Caddaaladda iyo Badbaadada

▪️ Xisbiga Shakhsiyadda iyo Waddaniyadda Soomaaliyeed

▪️ Xisbiga Dadka Soomaaliyeed [The people’s party]

▪️ Xisbiga Xal-Qaran [The National Solution party]

The certificates handover ceremony were attended by officials and members of the electoral commission, members representing the previously registered political parties, members from the newly registered parties and members from the organizations which support the electoral affairs such as Integrated Electoral Support Group [IESG]

The ceremony was officially opened by the deputy chairman of the electoral commission honorable Sayid Ali Sheikh Mohamed, Sayid Ali has stated that the objective of the event was to offer transitory registration certificates to five political parties which have successfully met the required terms, and as from today henceforth these political parties are required to official operate, and on-top of that there will be also monitoring evaluation which will be done to these political parties, basically this monitoring evaluation means to see whether the parties have preserved democracy.
The chairman of Jamhuuriga party [The Republican party] honorable Ali Mohamed Timajilac and the chairman of the Midnimada iyo Dimuquradiyada [Unity and Democracy party] honorable Salat Ali Jeele have spoken on behalf of the other political members who have attended at the ceremony, these two political party leaders have already obtained the transitory registration certificates for their parties, and endorsed offering the registration certificates these 5 new political parties, and have jointly agreed to have concrete collaboration among them.

Likewise, the chairman of Xal-Qaran party honorable Mohamed Moalim has mentioned that in getting the transitory registration certificates his part has underwent difficulties and made all efforts in obtaining it, but finally his party made it and he is very happy.
The acting director of the political parties’ registration office Mr. Mohamed Mohamoud Hassan [Sandheere], has stated that each and every political party has right and priority, and he has at length talked about the challenges he encounters during the time of registering each political party, but what is anticipated from the parties are how they will observe democracy and impartiality.

Finally, the ceremony was officially closed by the Chairperson of the National Independent Electoral Commission Her Excellence Halimo Ismael Ibrahim aka Halima Yare, she has stated that each and every political party which has been given the transitory registration certificate will be closely monitored, in her speech the Chairperson said “We don’t want disorganized, and if we accept unsystematic party today then the country will tomorrow be ruled by a party which does not know system”

The 5 political parties which have received their transitory registration certificates will be plus to 10 other political parties which have already obtained their transitory registration certificates.