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By-election of the MP of Duduble (Mohamed Amal)

On 15th April 2018, in the town of Dhusamareb, the NIEC conducted a byelection to fill one of the vacant seats from the house of the people. The contested seat belonged to the Mahamad Amal sub-clan from Duduble clan.
Three candidates competed for the seat; the three candidates were Abdullahi Farah Weheliye, Abdule Farah Hirsi and Mahamad Ilmi Afrah.
All sections of the community such as women, youth, religious leaders, politicians of the area, the media were all present at the venue where the byelection was taking place to observe how the exercise was taking place. The delegates were also present. Throughout the by election exercise, Galmudug state security forces were present to secure the area.
Before the byelection commenced, the NIEC chair Mss. Halima Ismail made brief opening remarks. The chair stated that the NIEC is conducting this election as a result of a request they received from the president of Galmudug state Mr. Ahmad Du’ale (Xaaf). She also stated that NIEC will conduct this election and all their duties in a transparent and in an impartial manner. She concluded by reminded the media and the observers to follow the byelection exercise closely.
On his side Ugaas Sa’iid Ugaas Mahamad clarified that the delegates present who will be electing the MP are the right ones and are from Mahamad Amal sub-clan. He also thanked the NIEC and praised their efforts in filling the seat vacated by the late Bootaan Isse Aalin.
The candidates vying for the seat were also given an opportunity to address the electorate.
After all the 51 delegates casted their votes, the tallying exercise begun. The result was announced by the NIEC chair Mss. Halima Ismail. The seat was won by Mr. Abdullahi Farah Wehliye who won 28 out of the 51 votes casted. Mr. Mahamad Ilmi Afrah got 17 votes while Abdulle Farah got 3 votes. 3 votes got spoiled. Therefore, Mr. Abdullahi Farah Weheliye was declared the winner.
After the declaration of the result, all the candidates who competed for the seat expressed their satisfaction of how the NIEC conducted the byelection.
At his closing comments the head of Galmudug cabinet Dr. Sheekh Mohamed Shakir thanked the NIEC and commended their efforts. He also stated that today was a big day for the town of Dhusamerb since it is the first time the town hosted a byelection for a federal MP.
Before this byelection, NIEC conducted three other byelections in Hirshabelle, Jubbaland and in Mogadishu.