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On 8th April 2018 the commission was given Temporary registration certificate with 3 political parties Tiir Party, Wadajir Party and Samu Party at NIEC HQ.

Commissioner Hussein Abdi mentioned during the occasion that there were 7 political parties previously registered temporarily. He stated that so far registered parties should open offices across the country to get support from the people. He additionally said that, the parties should contribute the democratic governance leading peace and stability in Somalia. There are some others that will be registered as political parties after they undergo legal process.
NIEC Chair madam Halima Ismail have informed and encouraged them that to register a political party is not an easy job and there are some challenges here and there. She also mentioned that parties used to submit 30% of marginalized communities and women but would that necessitate having separate percentage to cover both.
So far there are 10 political parties registered temporarily and awarded certificates by the NIEC while some others are undergoing confirmation with relevant procedures and law that allows them to get certification.
On the other hand, Madam Halima requested the political parties to have a contribution role regarding election Law and System of Representation for election which is anticipated to happen in 2020.
NIEC Chair Madam Halima Ismail emphasized the great hope that the country may encounter to conduct one person one vote in 2020 by reflecting NIEC consultations that NIEC Team met with more than 6000 people in Somalia and abroad hence NIEC realized there is need to conduct one person one vote election by 2020.