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On 10th April 2018, NIEC organized a farewell ceremony at NIEC HQ for the outgoing General Secretary

 Dr. Dahir Mirreh Jibreel. Dr. Jibril resigned from his post after being head of the secretariat for the last 2 years. The ceremony was attended by the board of commissioners led by the chair Ms. Halima Ismail as well as the NIEC secretariat. Commissioners and all NIEC secretariat thanked Dr. Dahir for his valuable service and wished him bright future ahead.
The NIEC Chair Halima and deputy chair Sayed Ali, Commissioners Said, thanked Dr. Dahir especially for the hard time he worked with NIEC during the development of the strategic plan and they hope his assistance to NIEC will sustain where ever he is.
Also all the secretariat staff praised Dr. Dahir for his effective management. All NIEC family wished to him to have a nice and healthy life for his remaining life.