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National Independent Electoral commission (NIEC) held a ceremony on 26th March, 2018 for the completion of Phase one Construction for NIEC new Headquarter.

 The ceremony was attended by the chair of NIEC and the board of commissioners, NIEC international partners and the mayor of Mogadishu.
Mr. MilaimReshani speaking on behalf of UNOPS, the organization responsible for the construction of the premises stated that the completion of phase one took a period of six months. He continued that outer walls were made of concrete materials that are bullet proof. Lastly, he expressed his delight that phase one of the project was completed according to plan and appreciated the cooperation of the NIEC.
Michel Gerald who was representing the Integrated Electoral Support Group (IESG) stated that the completion of the first phase of the construction of the NIEC HQ was an encouraging sign for Somalia in its efforts to reach universal elections and the democratization of the country.
In her remarks the chair of NIEC Mss. Halima Ismail Ibrahim stressed the significance of the construction of NIEC HQ. She stated that this was a clear sign for the commitment of the electoral commission to leave a legacy and an important infrastructure for the future of Somalia. Mss. Halima, speaking on behalf of NIEC and the government of Somalia thanked the government and the people of Japan who financed the construction of the first phase of the premises for their support. The Somali government and the Somali people must take their part in the completion of the premises by contributing the needed finances she concluded.
The governor of Banadir region Eng. Yirisow stated that he is happy to witness this ceremony of the NIEC premises built on the land donated by Mogadishu’s local government. Governor Yirisow commended NIEC’s efforts and pleaded to the government to finance the completion of the commission’s headquarters.