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NIEC delegate led by Commissioner Hussein Abdi and Mohamed Dahir arrived at Nairobi, Kenya on 15th March 2018.

NIEC Team met with Acting Ambassador of Somali Embassy in Nairobi and different sections of the community among them were chairman of Somali Community, Chairperson of Women Groups, Youth Chairman and some other important public figures by 16th March 2018.
The purpose of the trip was in order NIEC team to inform the paramount responsible Somalis who are living in Kenya about the inclusive consultation for the roadmap of 2020 election of one person one vote at Motherland, whereby NIEC conducted consultation in Somalia and Outside country such as Nairobi etc.
the Commission collected data from both within and outside the country about the challenges that one person one vote election can face by 2020 and the community opinions about the Solutions against the challenges.
All Somali Community members whether they are in Somalia or outside the country have equally mentioned the need of one person, one vote of free and fair election to happen by 2020 to get a government that came as a result of interest of the Somalis.
The community presented both common and Specific challenges of every districts, and gave recommendations for solutions. Whereby the commission will present the result of the consultation including the challenges and solutions at the national leaders meeting in Somalia about elections.