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The unoccupied seats of the Somali People’s Assembly due to be completed in the coming days

The National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) has conducted entirely satisfactory election of filling the unoccupied seat of Ali Madaxweeyne a sub-clan of Hawadle clan in the People’s House. This election has taken place in Jowhar town the headquarters of the Middle Shabelle region which is currently the capital of Hirshabelle State. Nuur Iidoow Beyle has won the contest for the unoccupied seat, and he has won in the second round of the competition for the seat. The man who was contesting with Mr. Beyle in the race for the seat was Mohamed Abdullahi Ahmed (Sanbaloolshe).  In the next few days to come the Electoral Commission will also hold the remaining unoccupied seats of Hubeer a sub-clan of Mirifle clan, this election will be held on the 15th of February 2018, the completion for this seat will be held in Kismayo town the headquarters of Jubbaland State. The preparation for the seats of Habar Cirfaan a sub-clan of Gudibiirse and Mohamed Camal a sub-clan of Duduble are still under way.

The National Independent Electoral Commission is seriously determined to hold the election for the unoccupied seats in the Somali People’s National Assembly honestly, confidence and nonalignment, the main objective of the Commission is to serve the Somali people.