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Meeting with Galkayo women groups

On 3rd February 2018, the women of Galkacyo participated in another session of the consultative meetings that the electoral commission was conducting in the city for the last three days. Former minister of Women of Puntland Md. Asha Gelle Diiriye who is also a prominent humanitarian activist attendanded and representative from the ministry of women.
The meeting was opened with few remarks by the deputy chair of NIEC Mr. Sayd Ali Sheikh Mohamed. He reminded the women that elections are not one event phenomenon. Elections are a long process that need hard work and commitment. The electoral commission is committed to enable Somali people to elect their leaders and we cannot achieve that goal if we as Somali people do not work together he continued. The commission greatly values the suggestions and ideas of women. Lastly, the deputy chair elaborated the districts and the regions they visited so far and how all the people they met showed their commitment and desire towards one person one vote elections to be held in 2020.
Deqa Warsame Abdi, the representative of Puntland’s ministry of women expressed her dissatisfaction towards the current political system that exist in the country which is clan based. We know that the only way we can get our representation as women is through one person one vote elections. She reminded the electoral commission that they will face challenges and they must have courage to face and overcome those challenges.
Md. Asha Geelle Diriye stated that women are the ones who are in most need of one person one vote elections. She explained in detail how hard it is for women to get elected in the current houses of parliament. All Somali women have one objective wherever they are which is to get their political rights in the country’s governance and leadership.
Finally, the women were given an opportunity to forward their views and suggestions towards one person one vote elections. All of them expressed their views in a candid and clear manner.