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The women groups of Galka’yo city of Galmudug state

today participated in another session of community consultations on 2020 one person one vote elections. The consultative meeting was attended by Galka’yo women led by the leaders of women associations in Galka’yo city and Mudug region.
In her opening remarks Mss Maymuun Ali Nur, the chair of Mudug women association welcomed the delegation from the electoral commission. She encouraged the commission to continue the great work they are doing for the Somali people. Lastly, she reminded the attended women the only opportunity women have to access their rights is to participate one person on vote elections thus, you must give your priority such this forums to make 2020 elections happen she concluded.
The deputy chair of NIEC Mr. SaydAli Sheikh Mohamed stressed that the Somali people are tired of empty promises and NIEC is determined and committed to hold one person one vote elections in 2020. Inclusive political process that leaves no one behind is the way forward he continued. What we are doing is to give all the Somali people their political rights to elect their leaders.
The women in their discussions showed great awareness, enthusiasm and interest in to participate country’s election challenges forums.