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Meeting with Galkayo intellectuals

Another discussion on how Somalia can achieve one person one vote elections was today 5th February 2018 held in Galka’yo city of Galmudug state. Today it was the turn of Galka’yo intellectuals including politicians, traditional and religious leaders, business people and the academicians. The agenda was similar to that of the previous meetings the electoral commission has been conducting across the country for the last two months. The intellectuals were summoned to put forward suggestions on how the country can hold credible one person one vote elections in 2020.
The meeting was attended and officially opened by the commissioner of Galka’yo (Galmudug) district Mr. Hirsi Yusuf Barre. Also present were the deputy governor of Mudug region of Galmudug state Mr. Ahmad Mohamed Shire and the former president of Galmudug Mr. Mohamed Ahmad Aalin. All the political and traditional leaders expressed their readiness for credible one person one vote elections in 2020.
Before the intellectuals were given the opportunity to forward their views and suggestions towards the planned 2020 elections, the deputy chair of the electoral commission briefed them about several issues. Some of the matters in which the deputy chair covered in his remarks were the rationale of the consultative trips and how the recommendation of the Somali people will be utilized and incorporated into the activities of NIEC.
The intellectuals forwarded numerous ideas and suggestions that will play a huge role in the successful implementation of the country’s vision to hold one person one vote elections in 2020.