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Meeting with Galkayo youth

The consultative meeting was attended in large numbers by the youth of Galkacyo. It was about how the country can achieve universal suffrge by 2020. It was also attended by the leaders of youth associations, the representative of Puntland’s ministry of youth for Mudug region, Puntland’s former minister for women, the governor of Mudug region and the DC of Galkacyo.
The representative of the minstry of youth for Mudug Mr. Mohamed Musa thanked the NIEC delegation for their visit. He stated that the youth are ready to take their share in the country’s political process and its leadership hence it is only through free and fair elections that the youth can get an opportunity to lead their country.
Mrs. Asha, the former minister for women of Puntland expressed her happiness towards the electoral commission’s arrival to Galkacyo. She encouraged the electoral commission to continue the hard work and give a huge significance to the ideas and suggestions people are forwarding.
in his remarks, the DC of Galkacyo Mr. Mohamoud Yusuf reminded the youth the role they can play in the rebuilding of their country. He added that the only way forward for the country is active and knolwedgable youth that are ready to put the country and the people’s interest above all else.
In his remarks, the deputy chair of NIEC Mr. SaydAli Sheikh Mohamed started by thanking the youth for their attendance and explained in detail the regions in which the commission visited in the country so far. He also stressed that the commission is working towards helping the marginalized groups including the youth to get their share in the country’s political process. In politics, you will not be invited, you should put effort to get your share the deputy chair concluded.
Lastly, Mr. Hassan Mohamed Khalif, the governor of Mudug region praised the commission’s efforts to have time and discussions with the general public. He continued by pleading to the youth not to take the consultative meeting lightly as it is vital for the future of the country in general and for the youth in particular.