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Report on Filling a vacant seat from Somali People’s Assembly

On Monday 26th Feb, 2018, NIEC Team led by Commission Chair Madam Halima Ismail conducted by-election to fill a vacant Somali Parliamentary Seat for Habar carfaan of GedoBuursi Community with candidates such as Abdirahman Ahmed Ceynan and Fatih Said Hassan.
madam Halima Officially opened the by-election programs. The returning Officer madam Yasmin Mayow took over and managed the day with her team by calling 2 observers and 2 agents of the candidates to come forward by witnessing accordingly so that to ensure the ballot box being empty. There were 41 voters who participated the indirect by-election exercise. Voters were identified and given ballot papers to vote.
Immediately the last person voted, counting of votes for each candidate has been done. NIEC Chair Madam Halima has announced the results whereby Fatih Said Hassan got 32 votes, Abdirahman Ahmed got 5 votes while 4 votes have been spoiled.
Therefore, the winner have been Fatih Said Hassan. Fatih Said hassan has been given a chance to speak to the people who were in the election centre. Fatih Said that ” I am a youth and ready to work with my people and the country leaders”. He also appreciated efforts sacrificed by the delegates and election commission.