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Filling the unfilled seats in the People’s House

The National Independent Electoral Commission has implemented an election to fill the unfilled seat in the People’s House at the seaport town of Kismayo which is currently the temporary base of Jubbaland State. In this election Mohamed Abdullahi Siraji was declared as the winner after getting 50 votes out of 51 one votes, while his contestant got zero votes, one of the casted votes got spoilt. In fact the election was held impartial and transparently.

The electoral commission has on the 1st of February announced contestants who are contesting for the vacant seat to submit their applications within the cause of five days from the date the announcement is made. Three applicants have submitted their applications, but one of the applicants has submitted his application on the 7th of February, of course this has automatically disqualified the 3rd contestant, because he was two days late. Only two applicants have been considered to have met the required conditions, and these were Mohamed Abdullahi Siraji and Fardowsa Hussein Mohamed

prior to the election the commission has contacted and informed the traditional elders of Hubeer clan that the election will be held on the 15th of February 2018 at the election hall in Kismayo town, and therefore 51 delegates [voters] of the Hubeer clan should be ready at the venue where the election will be held. 

The commission has arrived Kismayo on the 13th of February and met with the officials of Jubbaland State so that they assist the commission with security and the facilitation of the election. 

The Jubbaland State officials have cordially received the commission, and the election has terrifically occurred at the election venue in Kismayo on the 15th of February 2018.The Somali citizens have been watching the live event on the National Television and Jubbaland State Television.
Finally, the Commission has generally appreciated those who have offered helping hand for the implementation of this election, of which of course the lead are the tireless staffs of the commission.