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Consultations with the Women of Benadir Region

On 18th February 2018, NIEC conducted another community consultation on 2020 electoral process in Mogadishu. This session was attended by the women from the 17 districts of Benadir region.
In her opening remarks, the chairperson of NIEC Mss. Halima Ismail Ibrahim thanked the women for their attendance and participation of the consultative session. She praised the women for the significance they are giving to the community consultations. Mss. Halima gave a brief explanation on the community consultations the commission has been conducted throughout the country for the past three months. She stated that they have visited more than 20 districts across the country and they have met people who are in need of elections. People we met were desperate to move away from the clan based power sharing system that currently prevails in our country she asserted. She stated that all the sections of the communities they met showed great desire to participate in credible one person one vote elections.
Mss. Halima, the chairperson of NIEC reminded the women that it is only through one person one vote elections they can get their fair share in the country’s political process. And the commission is determined to organize and implement those elections in 2020. Lastly, she reminded the women to pull themselves together and actively and proactively take part in the country’s political process.
The chair of Benadir women Mss. Jawahir Baarqab thanked the commission and commended their effort to listen to the suggestions and ideas of the Somali people in general and the Somali women in particular. She stressed that the women of Benadir region are committed and determined to work with the electoral commission to hold one person one vote elections in 2020. She stated that they will particularly work with NIEC in their awareness creation programs and will educate the public particularly the women about the planned one person one vote elections.
Mss. Jawahir pleaded to the women from the 17 districts of Benadir to act as an ambassadors for the electoral commission and convey NIEC message to the people in their districts.
Lastly, the women of Benadir were given an opportunity to discuss the challenges likely to face 2020 one person one vote elections and the potential solutions deeply and in detail. The women forwarded ideas and suggestions that the commission promised to consider and add to their plans and activities.