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NIEC Team Held Consultative meetings at Guriel Town

0n 11th Jan 2018, NIEC Team arrived at Guriel Town in Galmudug State and the team were welcomed by District Commissioner of Guriel, Traditional Leaders and Guriel People such as CSOs (youth and Women groups).
NIEC delegate led by Madam Chair Halima Ismail went to the Guriel airport Hall in order to address the people. Different sections of the community had expressed their welcoming voice; at first Guriel DC Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed Bare said that, “I am very happy to welcome NIEC team and feel at home with fulfillment of all your expectations mandated also we support you with maximum cooperation during activity implementation.
Also Madam Chair Halima Ismail and Commissioner Mohamed Dahir said few words related to NIEC on-going consultations across the country with the aim of ensuring the necessity to implement activities that facilitate one person, one vote by 2020.
Finally, Today afternoon NIEC had Consultative meetings with Traditional Leaders, Guriel Administration, Politicians, and other intellectuals which they analyzed means and ways to have one person, one vote election to happen by 2020.