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Consultative meetings conducted by NIEC Team at Barawe District

On 8th Jan,2018, NIEC Team led by madam Chair Halima Ismail went to Barawe District to conduct consultative meetings with various stakeholders of the community.
Madam Halima mentioned the purpose of the trip was to conduct inclusive consultations with Barawe people on matters of one person, one vote by 2020 General election in Somalia, and there were on-going discussions at State and District levels across the country.
On top of that, there were presentations on election policies and procedures. Barawe people made their input towards General election of one person, one vote to happen in Somalia.
Barawe DC of Lower Shabelle Mr. Aden Omar madobe was grateful to NIEC Mission and had underlined that the NIEC Team coming to Barawe being a sign for the possibility of General election to happen in Somalia by 2020.
Also, Deputy DC of Barawe District Mr. Bashir Mahamed Yussuf said that “We are very happy to see Somalia taking step ahead for National Development since there is on-going preparation of one person one vote. Therefore, we are thankful for the arrival of NIEC Team to make efforts regarding election issues and emphasized the need for transformation of tribal gaps into multi-party system.
Barawe Army Commander said that “we are ready to contribute to electoral security in order to maintain order and peaceful atmosphere with emphasis on the need people and police working together on matters of reporting insecurity cases related community policing as a supportive role for security wise.
Amina Ali Sidow, A chairperson of Barawe women Groups appreciated the efforts of NIEC Team on behalf of Barawe women and welcomed the move with strong stand by ensuring the possibility of having one person one vote in Barawe District.
Community leader Abdikadir Abukar Gamele said that, “Madam NIEC chairperson Halima Ismail is the first person from Somali Government that came to Barawe for long time and May God help you of the great election activities of one person, one vote.”
Community leader Abdirashid Ali Gele said that, “I believe that the Somali Community can maintain their security issues, thereby welcome the efforts of NIEC Team and bridge the gaps with unity and Consultations.
NIEC Teams went different towns such as Baidoa, Hudur, Kismayu, Garbaharey, Dolow, Jowhar, Adado and Barawe and have their plan of reaching several other towns in Somalia in order to ask people more about election issues.