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Public consultations carried out by the National Independent Electoral Commission about 2020 elections are being held in Bal’ad in Middle Shabelle.

 The consultation meeting was attended by the district administrators, traditional leaders and intellectuals as well women and youth representatives. The consultative meeting was also attended by the MPs of Hirshabele state.
In its efforts to consult with the Somali people about 2020 elections, the National Independent Electoral Commission visited the towns of Beledweyn, Buulo Burte, Baidoa, Hudur, Garbaharey, Dolo, and Kismayo.
The Commission is going all over the country to discuss with the population on how the country can hold credible one man one vote elections that can help the country to leap from the clan based government to a government of a national unity.
The commissioner of Bal’ad district Mr. Qaasim Ali Nour  welcomed the NIEC delegation and described the planned 2020 elections as historic as it is going to be the first time in which the Somali people will be freed from the clan leaders. He requested from the people to forget about tribalism and work towards achieving elections. He continued by stressing that the people of Bal’ad are ready for one man one vote elections.
The DC was seconded by his predecessor Mr. Mohamoud Ugas who insisted that the people of Bal’ad need peace and will accept one man one vote elections in 2020.
Ugaas Mohamoud Ugaas Hussein Ugaas Isloow addressed the meeting. He complimented the electoral commission’s efforts and stated that one man one vote is the only way for Justice and Equality
In her speech, the chairperson of the NIEC Mrs. Halima Ismail promised that the commission will give its all in realizing the country’s vision to hold one man one vote elections in 2020.
Ahmed Mohamed Hussein, a local resident said that they were very supportive of the election. Ali Omar Hilowle, a traditional elder stated that there should be a clear plan for elections to succeed. He also emphasized the importance of security and finances.
“Our agricultural production is enough to feed our country. There is no need for foreign aid. All we need is an opportunity to elect our leaders. There is no symbol of any clan in our national flag.” Muuse Nuur (Sokoroow) said passionately.