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Meeting with the women of Jubbaland about 2020 elections

For the past several days the city of Kismayu was hosting a delegation from the electoral commission of Somalia. The delegation was headed by the chairperson of the commission Mrs. Halima Ismail. The delegation visited Kismayu to sit down and consult with people regarding 2020 elections. On delegation met with the women representatives in Jubbaland.
After the meeting was opened the chairwoman of the women association of Jubbaland Halima Farah Godane, honorable MP Maryam Mohamed Duliye and the chairperson of the electoral commission all spoke about the significance of these discussion for the Somali people in general and for the Somali women in particular. They stated that there is need to increase the number of women who are in the leadership positions.
Mrs. Halima Farah Godane stated that the women can make financial contributions that can help in the implementation of the 2020 elections. She also said that the women can make campaigns aimed at improving the security situation of the country.
Adar Ismail who is a member of Jubbaland women association listed several conditions in which if met elections will be possible.
Improved security
Credible political parties
Government pushing al-shabab out from the areas still under their control
A national army free from tribal militias.
True reconciliation
Constitutional court
Farhiya Ahmed Adam stated one major challenge she thought can hinder the 2020 electoral process. That huge obstacle she said is the lack of unity within the Somali people. She said that the Somali people need to show their discontent with the 4.5 system and their desire for free and fair elections by holding peaceful demonstrations across the country.
Lastly, Mrs. Halima Adam Abdi, who is a member of the women for peace in Kismayu said that people will not allow for the politicians in the leadership to come against the will of the Somali people to hold one person one vote elections in 2020.