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Consultation meeing on 2020 elections held in Kismayu

A consultation meeting on the 2020 electoral process was held at the Mecca hotel in Kismayu. The meeting was attended by the vice president of Jubbaland state Mr. Mahmud Sayd Adam, cabinet ministers, army officials, members of parliament and the chief of staff of the president’s office.
The meeting was opened with remarks by the chairperson of the electoral commission Mrs. Halima Ismail. She explained the purpose of the consultation meetings. She stated that for the 2020 elections to succeed, the views and ideas of the Somali people are necessary. The commission alone cannot conduct elections without the support and cooperation of all the stakeholders including the community leaders like the traditional elders, religious leaders, the youth and the women representatives
The vice president of Jubbaland welcomed the delegation and praised their efforts in trying to consult with the Somali people. He asserted that free and fair elections are the only way forward for Somalia. He stated that one person one vote will help Somalia to move forward from the 4.5 clan system which the Somali people are not happy with. He also said that the NIEC should be supported in order for them to help the Somali people choose their leadership.
After those comments, the participants discussed their views regarding the 2020 electoral process as well as the challenges that may hinder the process. Honorable MP Hassan Shide stated that one person one vote cannot be achieved unless a credible reconciliation process is conducted for the Somali people. He also underlined that defeat of Al-shabab is also another prerequisite for the 2020 elections. Ugaas Abdurrahman Ugaas Khalif followed and said that pronounced that one person one vote elections can be held in the country.
Ismail Sheikh Ishaq, a colonel in the Somali National Army said that he was disappointed with the lack of courage showed by some of the participants of the consultation meeting. He continued that the county can held elections in 2020 and the SNA can bring about law and order by 2020. He stated the problems we are facing can only be solved by us the Somali people provided we are determined and united.
All those who participated in the consultation meeting showed optimism that the country can held elections in 2020. And all the people were hoping that the 4.5 power sharing system is in its coffin and will never be used again.