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Consultation meeting with Gedo and Garbaharey Administrators on 23rd December

A team from the NIEC visited Garbahaarey town on Saturday 23rd December 2017. At the airport the delegation was received by administrators from Garbahaarey town and Gedo region.
On the evening of 23rd December, the NIEC delegation had a brief meeting with representatives of the town and the region. The meeting started with an opening prayer and then Mr. Ismail welcomed the participants. Mr. Ismail also briefly talked about the purpose of the delegation’s visit.

Mr. SaydAli, the deputy chairperson of the commission who is heading the delegation spoke to the political leaders who were present at the meeting. In his speech he touched on many issues. Among the issues in which the deputy chairperson of the commission talked about were a brief introduction of the commission and how it was formed. The deputy chairperson also emphasized on the major purpose in which the electoral commission was created as well as its major achievements so far including the formulation of a five year strategic plan.
Once the deputy chairperson of the commission finished his remarks, he was followed by Commissioner Hussein who highlighted the responsibilities of the commission. He also reminded the leaders in attendance that holding elections is a challenging task for every country and Somalia has huge challenges which are unique to it. The commissioner also talked about how the planned elections of 2020 will be different from the previous recent ones the country conducted. He stated that political parties will participate some of whom were temporarily registered recently. Lastly, the commissioner requested from the leaders present to work with the commission to fulfill its mission.
On their side the political leaders of Garbahaarey town and Gedo region at large welcomed the NIEC delegation. The deputy governor of Gedo region and the mayor of Garbahaarey town spoke at the event. They all thanked the commission and appreciated their efforts to consult with the people. Mr. Iman Adow, the mayor of Garbahaarey town spoke of his delight of the commission’s visit. He promised that the administration will tirelessly work with the delegation. He stated that the people expect transparency and fairness from the commission.
Lastly, the schedule for the upcoming meetings was discussed. And it was agreed upon that the delegation to have two meetings on Sunday 24th December. One in the morning with the traditional leaders and the politicians. In the afternoon the delegation will meet with the youth and woman representatives.