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Delegates from NIEC visited Jubaland State for an assignment

On 24th Dec, 2017 NIEC Team visited Kismayo and they were warmly welcomed by Jubaland State representatives at kismayo Airport. NIEC chair Madam Halima Ismail Ibrahim have informed the media groups for the purpose of their travel to Jubaland. The Commission Chair said that their visit is about having 4 days Inclusive consultation with different sections of the community such CSOs, Jubaland Govt leaders, Youth, MPs, Women, Business individuals and Religious Leaders.
The purpose of the meetings are based on the agreement made by the national leaders on Nov 5th , 2017 which the commission have been assigned to conduct broad based consultation all over the country in order to move out of 4.5 clan based power sharing system into reaching a stage of one person, one vote to happen across the country by 2020.
Madam Chairperson of the Commision stated that this assignment is part of London Conference main agenda which was about Government intention to conduct Universal Elections by 2020.
Additionally, Deputy Minister of Interior of Jubaland state, Abdirahman mohamed Hussein said that they are very happy for the visit of the commission and mentioned that Jubaland government will collaborate the smooth running of the mission.
The Commission appreciated on how they were welcomed by Jubaland administration and their commitment of one person one vote to happen in this country.