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Temporary Registration of seven Political Parties in Somalia














On Sunday, 3rd December 2017, it has been considered a historic day for Somalia which turns challenges faced by NIEC into achievements. National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) of Somalia organized an event for temporary registration and Certification  to seven political parties. The Political Parties are:
1. Justice Party {Garsoor},
2. Unity and Democratic Party,
3. Somali National Party,
4. National Democratic Party,
5. United Somali Republic Party,
6. Development Party,
7. United Somali Community Party.

Registration of Political Parties will be open until 6 months before the General Election day. According to the political party law, a political party should have at least 10,000 registered supporters and should open offices across the country in minimum  nine regions of the 18th. Political party formation requires Public Notary that shows the founders and its Rules and Regulations.
In Somalia, there is need of democratic recourse to the current political views which are paramount for election operation. If multi-party governance needed to thrive, there must be mandated political parties with outstanding contribution to this Nation, not only political wise but also let it be health, education and many more. The parties should come up with efforts and share if there are gaps with the Federal Government.
2020 General Election in Somalia will succeed once the country leadership keep momentum for political will and stability and all stakeholders show interest towards commitment for Election.
Citizen’s participation is important for the good will of this country. National legislation institutions should collaborate with the commission for the smooth running of Election exercise.

Finally, Unity is strength and honesty is the best policy. It was a colourful juncture which the Speaker of Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister, both Houses of Parliament, civil society, youth, and political organizations have attended. All leaders urged people for citizen’s participation if inclusive politics and fair election to be achieved by 2020 General Election.
This event marked a milestone for the 5th strategic objective of the commission.