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Electoral Systems Workshop


National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC), responding to the need to understand different electoral systems with the aim of selecting an electoral model that complements and corresponds to the needs of our electoral law which is in drafting stage. Minister of Interior Reconciliation and Federal Affairs (MOIFAR) has assigned a team of experts to draft the electoral law the team attended the workshop for this purpose.

The workshop was conducted by two electoral systems experts; Andrew Reynolds, Professor of Political Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA. Currently a visiting Professor at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany, a senior consultant adviser on the design and implementation of electoral systems and processes and of constitutional frameworks, on the facilitation of political dialogue and on other aspects of support for democratic transition and democracy building, resident in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK.

The electoral systems workshop had participation from all ministries and offices of the governments that have direct relations to electoral frameworks including Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs, Ministry of Women and Human rights, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Constitution and representatives from Office of the President and Office of the Prime Minister.

The workshop was held at NIEC Headquarters with participation from all Commissioners who welcomed all guests and advised them to take advantage of the three-day workshop, as it was relevant to their line of work.

The three-day workshop had full and active participation and discussions were lively and engaging. The participants at the end agreed to setup a coordination team consisting of relevant ministries and offices to continue the discussion of choosing an electoral system that best corresponds to the needs of the country. The Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Mahdi Mohamed Guled closed the workshop and reiterated the role played by elections in the country’s move towards development and stability.