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NIEC at the House of the People to Present quarterly report

NIEC at the House of the People to Present quarterly report


The National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) were today summoned by the House of the People to give briefing and answer questions regarding the upcoming 2020 “one person one vote” elections in 2020-2021.

The Commission presented the progress, achievements and overall work of the Commission in the past two years. NIEC achieved

The National Independent Electoral Commission were at the House of the People to answer questions posed earlier by the House. NIEC gave the MPs a chance to ask questions regarding the work of the Commission on the path to 2020 ”one person one vote elections”.

NIEC is the first Electoral Commission in the country’s history to manage elections and consent from the public and its representatives present a vital life line to the existence of the commission.

Hon. Farah Abdulkhadir praised the work the commission so far and emphasised on the need for a decent budget that accommodate all the required activities that lead to the 2020 universal elections.

Hon. Abdulkhadir also asked the commission how they plan to register voters given the country’s current situation and to this Commissioner Khadija Osoble and Secretary General told the House that voter registration can be conducted in a country recovering from violence and is experiencing insecurity.

NIEC Secretary General, Phd. Dahir Mire Jibreel made it clear that Voter Registration does not require civic registration which requires massive funding as many African countries with similar situation have been doing.

NIEC urged the parliament for their support as they fulfil their mandate. The Chairperson Halima Ismail said that one person one vote is the only way the country can step out of 4.5 clan power sharing model which many see as the root to most of the country’s problems.

Deputy Chair Sayed also stressed strongly on the need for support from the parliament with regards to the budget as the allocated budget for NIEC is already too small to cover running cost of the commission let alone manage national elections.