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NIEC Observatory Mission to Kigali and Nairobi

NIEC Observatory Mission to Kigali and Nairobi

NIEC sent a delegation to observe the on going elections in Kenya and Ruwanda to learn lessons on how to best manage and conduct elections as the country gears up to holding universal suffrage in 2020.

Ruwanda has already held its elections peacefully and the NIEC mission in Kigali was warmly received and given access to all election related activities. NIEC will prepare a report on this observatory mission and share with the Somali Public.

The NIEC mission in Kenya are in their process of observation and have managed to visit several polling stations that are preparing for General elections on 8th of August.

Somalia has held its last election in 1969 and the Commission’s mission is to prepare the country for free, fair and transparent “one person one vote” elections in the country henceforth the importance to learn lessons from countries and regions that share similarities with Somalia.