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D-Day in Kenya, NIEC Observatory Mission’s Report

D-Day in Kenya, NIEC Observatory Mission’s Report

NIEC Observatory Mission to general elections in Kenya headed to several polling stations in Nairobi to observe the elections. Kenyans headed to the polls today their representatives. The observatory mission’s goal is to learn lessons on how to conduct elections as Somalia gears up for 2020 ”one person one vote elections”.

Somalia has a lot to learn from Kenyan elections “our country has held its last elections in 1969, the generation today don’t know anything about elections or democracy, we don’t teach in schools the right of the citizens or how to peacefully elect leaders, all the current generation hear about is clan and alshabaab, NIEC wants to appeal to the hearts and minds of the youth we want to educate them in participatory democracy and make Civic Voter Education part of the school curriculum” added Commissioner Hussein Abdi Adam who is part of the NIEC observatory mission.

The Mission reported that Election Day started peacefully at around 7:00 AM and the queues started before 4:00 AM this morning. The mission has sub-divided them selves and each has been assigned to monitor a specific polling station. So far no incidents reported by the mission and NIEC prays for peaceful election for all Kenyans.

The mission will also observe the tabulation, announcement, and conclusion of the election. This is not the first time the Commission is observing elections in other countries and certainly will not be the last.