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Electoral process consultative forum for the 15 temporarily registered Political parties

Electoral process consultative forum for the 15 temporarily registered Political parties

On 25th June 2018 there was consultative forum organized by NIEC for 15 temporary registered Political parties in order to discuss their roles on electoral process.

During the opening session, NIEC chair madam Halima Ismail have explained the purpose of Electoral Forum and the roles of political parties in elections.

Madam Chair Halima emphasized the importance of political parties to organize themselves on their regulations based on party policies and constitution with complete party structure. In addition to that madam chair mentioned the need for both political parties and the Commission to collaborate effectively.

NIEC Deputy Chair Hon. Sayid Ali Sheikh Mohamed, have mentioned the importance of political parties to be fully registered instead of Temporary registration. He also mentioned the key issues on the agreement of National Security Council at Baidoa and Lobbying role of political parties for the implementation of that political agreement.

Said Warsame Hash who is a commission member have mentioned necessary policies that is required for political parties to be registered fully. He also mentioned that the decisions on Baidoa Electoral Model Agreement for free, fair and credible, one person one vote election of 2020.

Beside that the country Director for Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) Mr Justin Gore, have mentioned the political parties should have objectives and principles that govern political parties to make sure they attain the confidence of the Somali Community. He also said that EISA can take part implementing some electoral activities for improving the capacities of political parties, with the help of NIEC.

Political party’s representatives have got opportunities to ask commissioners some relevant questions that should define clear goals and made a request of more seminars to improve their activities.

Finally, Madam Halima informed political parties that there will monitoring and Evaluation by next week for political parties temporarily registered, if parties could not fulfil the necessary requirements or conditions that allow them for existence otherwise Temporary registration certificate will be revoked.

There was an agreement that NIEC and Political parties will have regular meetings.