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NIEC participated in the National Security meeting in Baydhabo

NIEC participated in the National Security meeting in Baydhabo

A high level delegation from the NIEC led by the chairperson Mss. Halima Ibrahim participated in the recently concluded National Security meeting in Baydhabo. Among the issues agreed upon by the leaders was the electoral model the country will adopt in the upcoming elections in 2020.

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Considering the current state of the country, the need for representation and inclusivity of the electoral process and the need for multi-party democracy, the council agreed on the following:

  • The country will adopt “proportional representation closed list” electoral model.
  • All eligible Somali voters should be registered and ensured that they exercise their right to vote freely.
  • Elections will take place throughout the country undivided wherever possible.
  • The electoral law should be finalized and endorsed before the end of 2018.
  • All electoral process stakeholders are called upon to implement this agreement as per the country’s laws.

The NIEC highly welcomes the agreement as it is a great leap towards 2020 elections and will help the NIEC deliver its mandated duty of organizing free and fair one-person-one-vote elections in 2020.