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Delegation from the National Independent Electoral Commission

observed the local government election in Tunisia A delegation from the National Independent Electoral Commission has on the 7th of May 2018 reached Tunisia, basically the reason as to why the delegation travelled to Tunisia was to attend a symposium conference and as observes of local government election which was by then taking place in Tunisia.

On the 6th of May 2018, a symposium regarding about the election of the Tunisian local government was held in, and in this symposium delegation from the electoral commission of several countries including Somalia, Mauritania, Yemen, Libya Palestine, Iraq, Sudan, Jorden and Comoros have attended.

The delegation of the Somali National Independent Electoral Commission which was in Tunisia was spearheaded by the Chairlady of the National Independent Electoral Commission Honorable Halima Ismail Ibrahim aka Halima Yarey and some other members including the gender advisor Lady Fatuma Ilhaan Mohamed and the head of the communication and the media department Lady Yasmiin Mayow Mohamed. In the symposium conference honorable Halima Yarey has delivered an imperative speech about the election system.

The main reason as to why the electoral commissions from the various countries including Somalia were invited were [1] To be observers of how the local government elections in Tunisia are conducted. [2] For the electoral commissions to upgrade their skills and experience of managing and administrating elections.

Likewise, the objective of the program was to provide the professionals in the electoral commissions agencies experience to manage and plan the issues related with the elections, such as coordinating the election supplies.

The local government elections in Tunisia which has been observed by the National Independent Electoral Commission, has happened in free and fair way, and the entire political parties in Tunisia and the Tunisian people were contented with how the elections have happened.