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NIEC Inclusive consultation with Somali Community in America

NIEC delegate led by commission chair madam Halima Ismail Ibrahim have been conducting consultation for Somali communities in Minneapolis, Washington and Virginia in America.
There were consultations about the roadmap of 2020 election process and how to overcome the challenges. The NIEC Secretary General Mr. Dahir Mire Jibril mentioned during opening of the meetings that NIEC had conducted consultative meetings over the last 3 months within Somalia and realized that the opinions of Somalis in the Diaspora are also valid and counted hence given an opportunity to have their say about one person one vote election by 2020. NIEC welcomed the recommendations of Somali Community in America.

The Somali community in these forums demonstrated how important the government of the country is to be restored to the Somali people and their willingness to elect their leaders at various levels, they said that the need to implement elections can be done one person one vote realistically with milestone effort from Somali government and Somalis in and outside the country to play a lion’s role or effective participation for successful mission.

Finally, the NIEC Chair madam Halima Ismail Ibrahim, said the Commission has made many studies available to Somalia for free elections as there are countries in the same situation as Somalia have conducted elections whereby Somalia is not an exceptional. Also, she mentioned that the commission has been well prepared but there some areas that need to be focused on such as the legal framework, Security and politics hence the constitution agencies to prepare.