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NIEC’s consultations in Wallanweyn

In the closing stages of the community consultations on 2020 one person one vote elections, NIEC delegation visited Wallanweyn district in Lower Shabelle region on 13th February 2018. The delegation which consisted of commissioners and secretariat was headed by the deputy chair Mr. SaydAli Sheikh Mohamed. The commissioner of Wallanweyn district Mr. Maxamad Siidow welcomed the delegation upon their arrival.
The aim of the visit was to meet representatives of all section of the Wallanweyn community and collect their views and ideas regarding the country’s vision to hold universal elections in 2020. The community consultation was participated by traditional and religious leaders, as well as women and youth groups.
All the participants praised the commission’s efforts to consider the views and the needs of the Somali people. However, the elders present highlighted their discontent with the previous elections the country had and reminded the commission that if they want to succeed they must avoid the injustices and the irregularities perpetrated by the previous governments and their elections bodies.