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A delegation from the National Independent Electoral Commission visited Adado,

the interim capital of Galmudug administration. The delegation, consisting of members of the NIEC and employees, was led by the deputy chairperson of the commission Mr. Sayid Ali Sheikh Mohamed. The purpose of the trip was to consult with the people of Galmudug and collect their views as regards to the elections planned to be conducted in the country in 2020.
At the airport, the delegation was welcomed by the district administrators led by the district commissioner Mr. Abdullahi Abdirahman. After their arrival, the deputy chairperson of the commission who was heading the delegation briefly spoke to the media.
On their visit to Adado, Mr. SaydAli said, “We came here for the same purpose as we went to Baydhabo, Garbahaarey, Doolow, Beledweyn and Buulo-Burde which is to listen to the Somali people and collect their views and ideas in relation to 2020 elections. We hope that we will get valuable ideas and recommendations from the people of Adado. The ideas we are collecting will certainly help us to accomplish our obligations”
While in Adado, the delegation met with all the community groups including the politicians, MPs, cabinet ministers, traditional and religious leaders, women and youth groups as well as the local administration.
The agenda of all the meetings in which the commission organized while in Adado was the same. It was primarily to give the people the opportunity to have a say in the planned 2020 elections. The people significantly participated in the discussions and gave their views in a clear and vibrant manner.
The delegation’s trip to Adado was a success and its purpose was accomplished.