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On Tuesday 2nd January 2018, Delegates from NIEC went to Jowhar District in Hirshabelle State.

NIEC delegates led by Commission chair Mrs Halima Ismail and other Twelve staff were welcomed by Hirshabelle Ministry of Interior and Local Government Mr. Mohamed Ali Adle and Middle Shabelle Regional Governor Mr. Ahmed Meyre Makaran at Jowhar Airport.
The above-mentioned leaders of Hirshabelle State Administration assured to the commission that they should feel comfortable at Jowhar during the business days.NIEC Chair Madam Halima Ismail Ibrahim appreciated how Hirshabelle State Leaders welcomed the Staff of the Commission at Jowhar. On top of that, NIEC Chair informed the media as to why they came to Jowhar is all about inclusive consultation with different stakeholders. The aim of this consultation is to move out 4.5 clan power sharing system into General Election which is free, fair and credible of one person, one vote.
The commission is committed of visiting different towns such as Baidoa, Hudur, Kismayu, Garbaharey, Dolow, Baletwein and Jowhar, and they are left some other towns to discuss with the community on 2020 General Election for Somalia.