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Traditional elders, civil society, women organizations and politicians of Hudur town have all participated in consultation meetings organized by the NIEC that will take place throughout Somalia. In the consultation meetings a number of issues were discussed. Among the issues which the participants discussed were the importance of a free and fair elections for Somalia, the challenges facing the planned 2020 elections and how the population can contribute to the success of the 2020 elections.

After a long and constructive deliberations, the traditional elders, youth representatives and all those who took part in the consultation meetings expressed their readiness and desire to play a significant role in realizing the aspirations of the Somali people to hold one man one vote elections in 2020. The participants also spoke of their desire to move from the 4.5 system that the Somali people greatly despise. The participants were given some topics to discuss amongst themselves. Some of the topics in which the participants discussed were the meaning of elections and the roles and responsibilities of the citizens vis-à-vis elections.

Lastly, the commission presented the findings of studies on how elections were conducted in countries that went through similar experiences as Somalia. Iraq, Liberia, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Sierra Leone all experienced violence and civil wars just like Somalia. However, all those countries succeeded in holding elections. Therefore, Somalia is no exception and has a great opportunity to hold free and fair elections.